Monday, January 3, 2011


Once upon a time, there lived I young girl who wanted to be an action hero. She soon realised that the chances of this happening were very slim. After much persuasion from her sister, the book worm, the girl sat down and read a book. It was called Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone. The story was captivating and full of danger and excitement; right up the girl's alley. She reasoned that perhaps there were other books out there that could offer the same kind of adventure. And so the girl was introduced to the world of literature. She explored all kinds of books, but by far her favourites were stories of adventure and magic. She adored the action packed novels, as well as the tales of fantasy and enchantment. She had periods were she became very interested in Greek mythology, or felt like reading some romance novels, but it was all the same. As long as she was engrossed in one book or another, she was content. She did however, feel it necessary to share her knowledge on good books to others. Now these are only suggestions, but she implores you to fellow them. Read up on the following book reviews and you too will find love in literature.

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