Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hmmm, Poetry!

First of, I'd like to apologize once more for leaving my blog post-less for so long. It's been a busy year so far, what with our school production of The Lion King, and my dance team trip to the iDance Convention ( which is basically a workshop done by the So You Think You Can Dance stars).

Back to topic, in English class this semester we've been writing alot of our own poetry, so I thought I share a bit of mine with you. The first two poems are both examples of extended metaphors, while the last is just more of an identity poem. I hope you enjoy!


By Mikaela  

I am a raindrop on a windshield,

trickling down from the hood of the truck.

I embark on my perilous expedition,

rushing headlong into the task that lay before me.

Brushed aside by the wipers,

swept off track time and time again,  

only to regain my course, unfazed,

and armed with a newfound ferocity. 

I leave behind a trail, a clearly marked path,

So that others may follow in my footsteps if they choose.

Although I make my journey alone,

I take advantage of the help that is offered by those around me.


fueled with a steady flow of determination,

I race my surrounding raindrops towards the finish line.  

And with one closing burst of energy,  

I make take my final shot at the prize.

All the while, the rain keeps pouring down

Laughter's Rhapsody

By Mikaela

            Laughter is a symphony and we are the orchestra,
The music booms from the auditorium,
at times soft and effeminate,
at others strong and vigorous

 If you listen closely,
you can discern the different instruments,
 each playing their own notes,
yet all in tune to the same melody

 you hear the low brassy buzzing of the saxophones,
 then the silvery moaning of the violins.

the sharp staccato belts from the trumpets,
and the lovely singsong of the humming flutes

  Individually, each instrument can stir,
 the emotional coals lying deep within the stomach of mankind

 But only when they come together,
 in a glorious ensemble,
can those coals be set aflame,
 only then can they burn and send sparks crackling into the sky

If you listen to the symphony in its entirety,
if you allow the music to burst through the roof of the auditorium,
 the bright lights blazing from within
will illuminate all those surrounding.

 The orchestra will play on.
The symphony is no longer contained.

I Am an Artist
By Mikaela
I am imagination’s greatest creation
I am expression without boundaries
I’m the generated opinions, and the emotional trigger
I bring some into the light, while sending others into darkness.
I am an escape from reality
I’m the magical sensation, that particular fixation
I am the eternal dreamer, and the unfazed believer
I am the passionate lover and the tempestuous rebel
I am truth
I am consciousness
I speak of the unspeakable, and explain the inexplicable
I am both the immaterial and the substantial
I am individuality, yet collectivity  
I am the copious interpretations
I am the numerous consequences
I am uncontainable excitement
As a whole I’m inspirational
I’m all those little wonders
I’m that monumental revelation
I am heart
I am sole 
I am an artist  

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