Monday, June 13, 2011

Waking Sleeping Beauty - The most magical documentary ever made

Okay, I know I said I wouldn't be doing many more posts since I have been studying for exams, but I just wrote a math one today, I've been studying now for hours, and I'm all studied out. SO...I thought I'd let my brain relax a bit by writing a little recommendation for the documentary, Waking Sleeping Beauty. I know what you may be thinking - "Seriously, a documentary". Don't worry, I was once like you, Planet Earth being the only documentaries I watched. I mean, when I think of documentaries, I picture very dead looking guests who answer questions while they look as if they're cursing themselves for agreeing to do this, and repeating again and again in they're head "Why me? Has it really come to this!?"  It's almost painful to watch.

But Waking Sleeping Beauty, well, it was different. I just couldn't get enough of it, I can watch over and over again, and actually cried at certain moments in the film. It's just amazing, and I promise that anyone who has ever had a favourite Disney Animated Film as a child, be it The Little MermaidThe Lion King or Beauty and the Beast, whatever, is going to adore this documentary. This is what Disney is all about, and this film is the incredibly true story of how it came to be. Take a look...

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